[PCM15/PCM16] Women database

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[PCM15/PCM16] Women database

Message par Gilardino » 06 janv. 2016, 21:37

Women cycling is developping. And not for a bit. Much more often we’re able to see womens races on television and next season they even have their own Womens World Tour! For us, that’s just logic. Womens cycling is mostly much more exciting as the mens races. The races are less controlled by the big teams and maybe that’s also because these teams are smaller. For now the Dutch teams are the best, but every year there is more competition from countries around the world. What to think of teams like Wiggle High5 and Canyon – Sram? They might be in for some serious competition this year.
So what’s it we’re going to do? Our ambition is to create a womens database for Pro Cycling Manager 2015 and 2016 that can be finished this summer. For this we have some good men between us, but ofcourse we can always use some hlp. So if you like to help us with shirts, stages, materials, searching, creating the database, etc, etc.. Please don’t hesitate tos end a message me, Gilardino.

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